Melonotan, is exactly that, it is a injections tanning product.Let me explain.,this is a tanning product,by injections,verses going to a tanning salon (bed) or lying out in the sun for hours,which would cause the most damage to your skin.

These injections are actually a type of peptide,that works on a persons natural Melanin in your body.The type of person most likely to want to use a product like this is a fair or light skinned individual, like myself, since it can be taking in small dose injections until you get your desired skin tone. Which since it is a natural occurring chemical in your body,it would give the least amount of possible sun damage, with maximum tan.

The tan itself should last, if you are a person that typically goes out daily(most do,to work and back),then the tan should last you a little over a month, if you are a person that spends most of your times indoors(office work, retired,etc),the tan should last you about a month.

This is commonly used also by bodybuilders,and models before competition. It is easily usable since you can order it online, and the supplies you’d need with it,ie. Syringes, Alcohol Swabs, Sterile Water, so that the injection site will be free from infections.(Inject into a fat layer of skin)

This product which not only can be used to tan you,but also can be used for weight loss,which many Fitness Instructors use, since melanotan stores energy cells, which for a fitness instructor, a bodybuilder,(which both need to be in great shape), or someone who just wants to look great, lose weight and be tanned,without having to go to the gym and be in front of a lot of people , or sitting in a waiting room, for a tanning bed.


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