What is Melanotan


What is Melanotan

If you have never heard of Melanotan do not worry you are not the only one. It is a new way of tanning to help reduce the many cases of skin cancer that is brought on by exposure to the suns UV rays and tanning beds. The Melanotan is scientifically called tanning peptide, which is a type of peptide that your body already has. It a type of peptide that stimulates your body’s natural production of melanin which is what body natural response to the suns UV rays. It helps defend against them but also helps your skins pigment to become that nice tanning glow.

How it works

So you can purchase this product online and it will get shipped to your house. Once it arrives you of course open it up and you will see that it is a little vial and it comes in a powder dried form. You first wipe your melanotan vile with alcohol wipes to clean. Then take your water for injection that comes with and you use your clean syringe to draw out the 1 ml. Then you insert it into Melanotan powder vile then mix it up till it looks completely dissolved. Then using another clean syringe you insert it into the vile and pull down on the plunger to the desired amount. With alcohol swabs clean an area on your stomach pinch your skin insert and inject. You will have a great tan with needing only a minimum of 10 min of sun exposure for it get working repeat as needed. You will soon have that lovely glowing sun tan you have always wanted.



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