Looking Great While Keeping a Grip on One’s Health


Health tends to be a fairly complex topic

Health can be a rather complex subject. This makes sense when one considers just how much of an education a doctor needs in order to do his job. But at the same time health is a rather personal matter that everyone needs to give some consideration. Nobody’s totally removed from health concerns.

It’s something that every person is impacted by. In fact, when one really considers the nature of health than it’s fair to say it’s something that impacts every single moment of the day. When someone’s in good health they feel great. When someone’s health is damaged than they feel damaged as well. But there’s one point that has a rather surprising impact on both sides of the equation. Tanning walks an interesting line between feeling healthy and actually being so.

The main problem is that it makes someone look great. And when people look great they tend to feel that way as well. At least for a while. The tanning process takes a lot out of a body and eventually it can impact health in a very negative way. At least if someone’s using traditional methods of tanning. There’s a new way to tan that makes someone look great while staying healthy.

The secret to a good tan

The secret to a healthy tan is something known as melanotan. It’s a substance that essentially triggers the tanning effect in a body without needing excessive exposure to the damaging rays of the sun. Normally tanning pigments are only released from the body when it’s been subjected to a harmful amount of solar rays.

These pigments are released in a slow trickle while sun exposure continues to ramp up. But melanotan tells the body to use every bit of stored pigment to create a great tan with only light exposure to the sun. This creates a tan that leaves someone looking great while also feeling great.