The Perfect Tan Might Also Be the Healthiest Option


A good tan might not be so hard to find

There was a time, not so long ago, when tanning seemed like a fairly simple topic. Everyone could agree that a tan was attractive. Everyone knew that all it required was some fun laying out in the sun. And nobody had any idea about just how much damage long term exposure to the sun could cause. Today things have become a lot more complex. Everyone loves the idea of a great tan. But the actual tanning process is widely understood to be fairly dangerous. Most people assume that the only way they can have a great tan is through great risks to their long term health. It’s a trade-off that most people are rather understandably reluctant to accept. The end result is that people tend to be unsatisfied with all possible options. It’s a perfect example of the grass always being greener on the other side. The one thing that everyone has in common is a shared desire for a safe and effective way to get a great tan. It turns out that modern science has delivered on that wish. It’s all thanks to something called melanotan.

The true nature of a tan

The real secret to tanning is the fact that the sun isn’t really as important to the process as it might seem. The sun is basically just a signal which tells cells to secrete tanning pigments. The issue is that this process ends almost instantly when one comes back inside. Melanotan is able to essentially keep that process going until completion even if someone goes into total darkness. All that’s required for a great and totally safe tan is melanotan and a few minutes of exposure to the sun. Those few minutes will create a tan that looks the same as that produced by hours of sunbathing. The only difference is that melanotan avoids any risks to the health of one’s skin.


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