Should you use Melanotan to get a Fake Tan?


Should you use melanotan to get a fake tan?

Do you love to have a tan year-round but do not want to use tanning beds or go out in the sun due to the dangers inherent in both of these activities?

If so, then you may want to consider using a product called melanotan. A product that can give you a fake tan overnight, and with little or no risk to your health.

What is melanotan? — It is a substance that, once ingested in your body, makes your skin go brown.

It comes in small pills that you take over a period of time. The longer you take the pills the more effective they are, and the darker your skin will go.

Is melanotan safe? — When you compare a substance like melanotan to something like tanning beds or laying out in the sun, it is incredibly safe.

Not only will it not give you skin cancer, it will also not make your skin dry or cause your body and face to wrinkle over time. Instead it is an easy-to-take skin product that has little or no side effects.

How long before you get a tan? — Most people will notice that their skin is beginning to tan about one to two days after taking the first dose. As they keep taking it, their skin will go darker and darker until it gets to the color it is going to stay at.

To keep your tan going, simply make sure you continue to take melanotan every week or so and you will eventually end up with a tan that never fades and never goes away.

Where to buy melanotan? — The best place to buy melanotan is on the Internet as there are many stores offering it at an affordable price.