Is melanotan a good choice for a fake tan?

melanotan 2018

     If you have heard about melanotan, a fake tanning agent people are now buying online in order to maintain a healthy glow, you may be wondering if it is a good choice for you.

After all, getting a fake tan via tanning injections is not for everyone.

Before you decide to look for another way to get a good tan, however, read on to find out why melanotan may just be the perfect tanning agent.

Using melanotan is safer than tanning outdoors — Hundreds of thousands of people get skin cancer every year, and most of them have either laid out in the sun to get a tan or worked in the sun without the right protection.

Using a product like melanotan, however, can stop you becoming one of those people who develops the cancer. That is because using melanotan only requires you to lie out in the sun for a few minutes, as oppose to the many hours a natural tan generally takes.

How do you use melanotan? — Using melanotan is actually very easy.

Once you have ordered it from an online seller and received the package with the tanning injections inside, all you have to do is to clean the area of your body where you will inject yourself. Then inject the melanotan under the skin, wait a few minutes and then go outside.

Lying in the sun for just a few minutes activates the melanotan. It then goes to work turning your skin a natural shade of brown.

Once your fake tan has developed, you will then continue to have it for around a month. As it begins to fade, just inject yourself with melanotan again and repeat the process.

You can do this every few weeks and, thus, maintain a permanent tan without the need for hours spent lying in the sun.




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