We all know that the sun can cause skin damage when exposing your body for long periods of time. We also know that getting some sunlight every day will give you some energy and pleasure in your daily lives.

However, we all must be careful about how much sun we get every day, your skin will get burned if you do it without real protection. Fortunately, there is an amazing product that will give you that tan color we all want without the danger of getting too much of the UV radiation that can cause you serious health problems in the future.

The name of this product is Melanotan and it is safe to use when you wish to change the color of your skin. The tanning peptide stimulates the production of melanin that is in the skin and is a pigment. These peptides are amino acids that turn into proteins for your body, they also can help the collagen to make your skin soft and beautiful.

The sun exposure can get you a burning sensation and also the tan color can disappear in a couple of days. Therefore, you are risking your health when getting too much of the solar radiation.

The Melanotan Peptide comes in a power dried form and you just have to add sterile water. You use an injection under the skin. This amazing peptide dosage will protect your skin, you can do it every two weeks or, depending on how much tan do you like to have in your body.

The dosage also depends on the color of your skin. Your tan will stay longer and your skin will be protected from the natural sun. The melanotan product is effective and the results are amazing, and it is an easy way to get that gorgeous tan for months to come.