Getting a Great Tan with Melanotan

1Melanotan 1 and 2 are both created via the melanin peptide which, among other things, resolves the hard to get the golden tan problem. The melanin peptide is created naturally in the body as a response to U.V. damage. This damage and the resulting peptide are what results in a natural tan. It is this that has been used in this specially formulated pharmaceutical to make the resulting tan even more definite and richer. It also means that people who want great tans don’t have to spend hours in the sun. This makes it an ideal for those who want this great tan, but only end up getting a sunburn.

What to Do When it is Delivered

Although it might take a while for the tan to result with continued Melanotan use, once that deep tan is there users don’t have to worry that it will immediately go away if they stop taking it. A deep tan created via Melanotan can last for months after an injection. A tan acquired via natural means will always go away in just days. Melanotan is delivered in 10mg vials of freeze-dried powder. These powers must be reconstituted for use. This requires each vial to be mixed with 1ml of sterile water. After a reconstitution process, these vials must be refrigerated.

The Right Way to take It

While you will see advertised various means like nasal sprays, oral pills, and powders for the primary purpose of taking melanotan, the only proper method is via injections. For the purpose of getting just the right dosage, you may want to use the Lovemelanotan dosage calculator. There are multiple online sites that have these for free use. The first injection you do should only have a dosage of about 0.3mg. After this first dosage, the following dosages will be bigger. After each dosage, users should feel a warm sensation, a flushing in the face, and mild nausea.