Melanotan Improves a Person’s Appearance While Boosting Their Resistance to Harmful Rays

1Many people put a lot of effort into keeping a youthful appearance for as long as they can. This is seen in the wide use of injectable products, such as dermal fillers and facial muscle relaxers. One of the newest injectable products on the market is Melanotan. This product provides the user with an all-over tan that comes from the inside out. Unlike the injectables used as anti-aging products on the face, Melanotan can be injected into any muscle to work on the entire body. It is also not necessary to have a professionally trained or licensed individual give the injections.

Where to Buy Melanotan

Even though this product does not require a license for use, it is not generally available for sale in retail stores. People interested in purchasing this natural tanning product could find it available through an online website catering specifically to the distribution and use of the product. Each bottle sold is freeze dried to prevent it from aging or leaking. It is also professionally sealed to make sure the product remains sterile until opened. One bottle or vial of melanotan provides enough solution for multiple injections.

What Melanotan Does

This chemical replicates the natural peptides made by the body. As a peptide, it bonds to the body’s internal receptors where it can act on the different systems and cells used for pigmentation, skin inflammation, appetite and even sexual functions. The chemical’s ability to change the pigmentation of skin cells not only creates a natural looking tan, but also helps increase a person’s resistance to the dangerous effects of the sun. People with allergies to the sun have found a reduction in sensitivity when using this chemical compound. The increase in skin pigmentation also helps block some of the sun’s rays from penetrating the surface cells of the skin, reducing the risk of cancer.


Looking Great and Preparing for an Amazing Summer


Tans still look amazing

Society’s relation to tanning has changed a lot over the years. As it stands today, everyone agrees that a tan looks amazing. In fact, there’s few things more effective in helping to improve someone’s looks. A dress, a swimsuit, or even a business suit might go in and out of fashion. Any given year it might look great or terrible. But a tan is always going to make someone look amazing. It speaks to a certain unconscious ideal about spending time in the great outdoors. When people look at a tan they’re intellectually appraising it as a tan. But unconsciously they’re imagining some of the pastimes which everyone aspires to. Whether it’s a vigorous hike or simply laying happily on the beach. But this, of course, brings up a well known downside of tanning. It’s great for self esteem, but it isn’t so great for one’s health. The link between tanning and cancer is well known at this point. Except that it’s not quite that simple. The reality is that it’s not tanning which is a health risk. It’s taking long periods of time to lay out in the sun which is the real problem. It’s just that up until quite recently there wasn’t any other way to get a real tan.

Looking great without posing any risks to health

The path to a great tan without any risk is called melanotan. It isn’t about creating an illusion of a tan, like some substances. Instead it works with the body to produce a beautiful natural tan without any of the risks. The reason is that it dramatically reduces what it takes to create a tan. A great tan that would take hours in direct sunlight can instead be had with minutes if melanotan is in one’s system. It essentially triggers a tanning effect when one’s still well within the healthy limits of sun exposure.

A New Healthy Way to Get That Golden Glow


Everyone loves a great tan

There’s a lot of subjectivity to be found in appearance. For example, the whole point of fashion is arguably to change people’s views of what is and isn’t visually appealing. But at the same time there’s a few things which almost everyone can agree is attractive. And one of the best example of this is tanning. A wonderful golden glow from a great tan is one of the most attractive things that people can do for themselves. Almost everyone finds people with a tan more attractive than if they lacked it. But at the same time, there’s one notable downside to tanning. It’s been well demonstrated that tanning can increase the chances of skin cancer. And it brings any number of other negative effects to skin as well. Or at least that’s been the modern view of tanning. But it’s important to remember that all of those things come about through the actual process of tanning and not the actual tan. This presents an interesting way around the problem. Researchers simply needed to find a way to create tans without forcing people to spend too much time under carcinogenic solar radiation.

A simple way to get a great tan

The answer has come in the form of melanotan. All one needs to do is take some melanotan before spending a very short amount of time in the sun. Normally it takes quite some time in the sun before the tanning process begins. Tanning is really a self defence mechanism in the skin to try and control damage once it begins to occur. Melanotan essentially tricks the body into releasing a large amount of melanin, the substance behind a great tan, all at once. This essentially means that one will begin tanning before damage to the skin occurs instead of after.

Getting the Best Possible Tan

wpLooking great all of the time

Everyone loves a good tan. It’s a rare person who doesn’t find themselves either drooling with admiration or envy when looking at someone with bronzed skin. But things are a bit more complicated when it comes to tanning than it’s been in the past. We now know just how much damage to the skin a good tan can cause. Or at least that’s the common perception. In reality, things are a bit more complex.

It’s not the tan it’s the sun

People often make the mistake of thinking that tans are unhealthy. And this isn’t even close to the truth. All tans are is the result of one’s body pumping out more of a substance called melanin. All melanin does is add a beautiful hue to the skin and help protect against damage from the sun. And that’s the big distinction with tans. It’s not the tan which is the problem, it’s the sunlight. And this is why something known as melanotan has been such an amazing innovation.

Tanning the healthy way

Melanotan can be administered, and then someone can simply get a minimal amount of sunlight. This will spark a chain reaction which will instantly trigger the tanning effect as melanin is secreted into the skin. This might seem like a counterintuitive way to get a tan at first. But it’s important to remember that this isn’t a spray on substitute or really a substitute of any kind. It’s a real tan, which is still coming from the sun. But it’s a real tan in response to a level of sunlight which shouldn’t pose any real health concerns. This means tanning without the associated risk of skin cancer, wrinkling, or other damaging effects which come from excess exposure to the sun.

Melanotan Info


Melanotan is the best tanning solution there is in the market. It acts as a peptide enhancing the production of melanin in your body such that it retains and adds a tan to your body.

The Tanning Process

The Melanotan is injected under the skin. The skin absorbs it and then spreads it to the rest of the skin. Melanotan works by stimulating the body’s tanning response. This happens even with a minimal exposure to sunlight.

Equipment to be purchased with Melanotan

It is important that you purchase 1ml syringes, alcohol swabs and 5ml sterile water plastic ampoules. This will aid in the administration of the peptide

Why Use Melanotan

Minimal Sunlight

Melanotan required very minimal exposure to sunlight for it to work. Therefore, you don’t have to waste weeks on end in the sun.


Melanotan is also very safe. It protects you from the health hazards associated with being in the sun too much. It is therefore, safe for people who are easily susceptible to skin cancers when exposed to too much sun.

Fast Tanning Process

The Melanotan helps to quickly tan your skin. This is unlike with the sun where you have wait for the skin to burn then again wait for it to heal.

Longer Lasting Tan

Compare to natural means of tanning, melanotan has a longer lasting tanning effect. Even when the dosage stops, the tan achieved can last for months, unlike in natural methods where the tan lasts a few days or weeks.


Melanotan enables you flexibility in the dosage. You only need to take the administered dosage until you have achieved the desired pigmentation. After this, the dosage can be spread across weeks to only enhance the pigment achieved.

Purchase melanotan Peptide today and tan like a star.

Understanding the Melanotan 2 Suntan

tanning men

What is Melanotan 2?

Many people want a deep, rich suntan without having to expose themselves to hours of harsh sunlight. There are also those who are fair-skinned and find it difficult if not impossible to tan. Melanotan 2 is a peptide that stimulates melanin in the body to provide a natural tan with less exposure to sunlight. Melanin is a complex polymer derived from the amino acid tyrosine. Simply put, melanin determines skin and hair color. Increased exposure to the sun increases the amount of melanin in the body causing the skin to darken. Melanotan 2 still requires exposure to sunlight to be effective and is not a preventative measure for skin cancer. However, it does offer protection by minimizing exposure to UV sunlight to those who have a difficult time tanning.

The use and benefits of Melanotan 2

Melanotan 2 is purchased in a powdered form, then must be mixed with sterile water before injecting under the skin where it’s absorbed and spreads. Once in the body, Melanotan allows for faster, deeper tans without long exposure to sunlight. Injections and dosing can be minimal until a desired pigmentation is achieved. Also, a tan can last months after stopping the dosage of melanotan 2 without sun exposure.

Use the best products

There are many products that claim to be an effective source of tanning peptides, however, many of these products are not reliable. Products that claim to be easier to administer, such as sinus sprays or pills, are generally not effective since the peptide is too large to be absorbed through the sinuses and is destroyed by stomach enzymes. Research shows that Melanotan is an effective and reliable tanning product.



Melanotan is a substance that is similar to the melanin-stimulating hormone that is naturally found in our body. Melanotan helps increase the production of the skin-darkening pigments in the body. There has also been evidence to suggest that Melanotan can help stimulate erections in men.

Melanotan is often used to help tan the skin. It is given as a shot underneath the skin. There has been some evidence to suggest that Melanotan can help treat skin cancer and other conditions. However, more research needs to be done in order to determine what conditions can be treated with Melanotan.

Melanotan is safe when it is used as directed. However, it can potentially cause side effects. Stomach cramps, nausea and darkened skin are some of the side effects of Melanotan. Men who take Melanotan may experience spontaneous erections.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take Melanotan. It is not known whether Melanotan can harm an unborn baby or nursing infant. That is why it is better for you to not use it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Furthermore, it is important for you to be cautious if you are taking a prescription medication. Melanotan may interact with certain prescription medications. This supplement is administered via injection. The typical dosage for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is 0.025 mg/kg. It is the same dosage for tanning of the skin.

It is important for people to follow the recommended dosage. This will minimize the person’s chance of developing side effects.

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