Getting the Best Possible Tan

wpLooking great all of the time

Everyone loves a good tan. It’s a rare person who doesn’t find themselves either drooling with admiration or envy when looking at someone with bronzed skin. But things are a bit more complicated when it comes to tanning than it’s been in the past. We now know just how much damage to the skin a good tan can cause. Or at least that’s the common perception. In reality, things are a bit more complex.

It’s not the tan it’s the sun

People often make the mistake of thinking that tans are unhealthy. And this isn’t even close to the truth. All tans are is the result of one’s body pumping out more of a substance called melanin. All melanin does is add a beautiful hue to the skin and help protect against damage from the sun. And that’s the big distinction with tans. It’s not the tan which is the problem, it’s the sunlight. And this is why something known as melanotan has been such an amazing innovation.

Tanning the healthy way

Melanotan can be administered, and then someone can simply get a minimal amount of sunlight. This will spark a chain reaction which will instantly trigger the tanning effect as melanin is secreted into the skin. This might seem like a counterintuitive way to get a tan at first. But it’s important to remember that this isn’t a spray on substitute or really a substitute of any kind. It’s a real tan, which is still coming from the sun. But it’s a real tan in response to a level of sunlight which shouldn’t pose any real health concerns. This means tanning without the associated risk of skin cancer, wrinkling, or other damaging effects which come from excess exposure to the sun.